• How Do You Change Your eBay User ID?

    There are a few reasons one should need to change one's eBay client ID. The most well-known of these is for promoting purposes as a business is begun or advances. For instance, tania249 might progress toward becoming TaniasDresses or the_paper_company may move toward becoming "the_pencil_company." 

    In the event that you've concluded that it's a great opportunity to change your eBay part ID, pursue these means to choose another one: 

    • Click on the "My eBay" connect at the upper right of any page on the eBay site. 
    • Scroll down until the point when you see the "My Account" segment in the sidebar on the left-hand side of your screen.
    • Click on the "Individual Information" connect simply under "My Account." The Personal Information page will show up. 
    • On the Personal Information page, tap on "Alter" the distance to one side of the line containing your eBay client ID. The Change User ID page will show up. 
    • On the Change User ID page, enter your new ID into the section box and tap the "Change User ID" catch.

    Remember that huge numbers of the most straightforward and basic client IDs have just been taken (recollect that eBay has a great many clients) so you might be inquired as to whether your decision is inaccessible. 

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    Then again, you can pursue this connect to go specifically to the Change User ID page on eBay's site

    Remember the Consequences and Caveats

    Changing your eBay client ID isn't something you need to manage without considering it. There are various imperative results and provisos to know about before you roll out an improvement: 

    • You'll never again have your old client ID. When you change your eBay client ID, there is no assurance that your current clients will have the capacity to discover you when they scan for your old client ID on eBay. 
    • You'll be set apart as having as of late changed. eBay will demonstrate a little symbol by your new client ID each time it is shown on eBay (in closeout postings, on your criticism page, etc) to demonstrate to other eBay individuals that you have as of late changed your ID.
    • This symbol, which stays for 14 days, can drive a few bidders off and hence diminish the number of offers you get on your barterings. 
    • You gain no obscurity or opportunity from your past. In the event that you are considering changing your client ID for illegal reasons—since you have neglected to convey things acquired from you or in light of the fact that your criticism has turned out to be more regrettable.
    • for instance, changing your client ID won't help you in any capacity. eBay keeps up an inward "client ID history" for each eBay client that can be utilized to consider anybody in charge of their exchanging conduct, changed client ID or not.
    • Your criticism, in the interim, will stay similarly for what it's worth—it will essentially be shown with another client ID. 
    • You can just change once every 30 days. Be certain about the ideal change before you make it since you can not just come back to your old client ID on the off chance that you alter your opinion presently.
    • Be cautious, as well, about grammatical mistakes, since you won't have the capacity to settle an error in another client ID for no less than 30 days after you make it.

    Changing your eBay user ID isn’t something you want to do without thinking about it. You’ll no longer have your old user ID. When you change your eBay user ID, there is no guarantee that your existing customers will be able to find you when they search for your old user ID on eBay.

    You’ll be marked as having recently changed and eBay will show a small icon next to your new user ID every time it is displayed on eBay in auction listings.

    your feedback page, and so on to indicate to other eBay members that you have recently changed your ID. This icon, which remains for 14 days, can scare some bidders away and thus reduce the number of bids you receive on your auctions.

    You will gain no anonymity or freedom from your past. If you are thinking of changing your user ID for illicit reasons because you have failed to deliver items purchased from you or because your feedback has become worse, for example changing your user ID will not help you in any way.

    eBay maintains an internal “user ID history” for every eBay user that can be used to hold anyone responsible for their trading behavior, changed user ID or not. Your feedback, meanwhile, will remain just as it is it will simply be displayed with a new user ID.

    You can only change your ID once every 30 days. Be positive about the desired change before you make it since you can not simply return to your old user ID if you change your mind shortly thereafter.

    Be careful, too, about typos, since you won’t be able to fix a typo in a new user ID for at least 30 days after you make it.

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